Sensor Customized Service

Sensor Customized Service

We offer custom sensors to meet your temperature sensing needs.  Our Engineering team works with each of our customers to understand their temperature sensing application and create parts to meet their specific needs.  We design and manufacture our temperature sensors ourselves, so our customers can be assured that they are receiving the most stable, accurate and reliable sensors available. 


Not only we can provide thermistors and other sensing elements, but we can also provide housings, connectors, handles or strain reliefs, cable assemblies, and a variety of other value-added probe and packaging options.


MoreSuns sensor product range includes: NTC, PT100, PT200, PT500 and PT1000 sensors and transmitters and available in a wide range of mounting versions.

For customized NTC thermistor sensor, please offer us the below key info:

1.The  rated resistance at 25°C: R25°C=________.

2.The B value: B25/50=________ or  B25/85=__________or B0/50= __________ .

3.Resistance tolerance:1%, 2%, 3% or 5%.

4.The application is ________.

5.The range of operation temperature: ______°C  to _______°C


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