PLC industrial control board 51 MCU control board transistor output FX1N FX2N 10MR AD DA PLC

High performance:
6 in 4 out transistor control board
 12 times Run faster than 89C51 
Can connect Touch screen & text display 
can  connect a group digital tube display
Plus 1 road AD input and 1 road DA output

For connection to the touch screen Settings:

 (9600 baud rate, data bits 7, parity, parity (even), 1 stop bit)
Connect the text Settings:
 (9600 baud rate, data bits 7, parity, parity (None), 1 stop bit)

This product support special soft components:
M8000 (running monitoring contact), M8001 (operation monitoring the contact).
M8011 (10 milliseconds clock pulse ,  M8012  (100 milliseconds clock pulse) , M8013 (1 second clock pulse), M8014 (1 sesond clock pulse.)


Basic instructions: 

LD    LDI    AND    ANI   OR    ORI
SET   RST   MPS     MPP   MRD   ANB 
ORB  OUT   INV      PLS   PLF    MC  

Function instruction:


LD=  LD>  AND=  AND>  OR=  OR> 


Soft components:


T0-T95(0.1S)   D0-D79   D80-D8000(EEPROM) 
C0-C75  M0-M247  S0-S79


 Control board features:


1.Fully compatible with 8951 instructions.

2. Loading on board is 12 times faster on STC microcontroller (STC12C5A60S2).

3.With EEPROM function,can store data when power supply drop.

4.11.0592 M convenient communication.

5. With the function of ISP, is only for high-grade arm machine online burning function, easy here.

6.6 input points, four dots.For the characteristics of input output less suitable for minicomputer.

7.24 V power supply, complete photoelectric isolation work, work more reliable.

8. Hardware to fully support the latest "turn ladder diagram in 51 single-chip microcomputer software can commune with touch screen.

9. All ports LED indicator, equipment condition be clear at a glance.

10. The ISP online programming, programming on line, closing the equipment power supply, open another equipment power supply, three seconds to complete.Speed to complete.

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