5/10/15/25/33/50/70/74/256ohm Silicone rubber spiral waterproof electric blanket wire,incubation heater wire


Product name:  silica gel electric heat wire

Power frequency withstand voltage:  2000 v
Insulation resistance:  ≥100M ohm
Resistant temperature:  200 degree
Resistance to voltage:  300 v
Resistance range: 
5/10/15/25/33/50/70/74/256 ohm/meter (other resistance specifications please consult to us ,all can be customized)
Wire diameter range:  Φ 2 mm
Product life:  more than 30000 h

Use in :
Electric blanket, electric cushion, pet cushion, jade mattress, electric heating belt, electric thermal electric heating shoes, clothing, and electric massage chair, refrigerator, air conditioner, air-conditioner defrosting, swimming pool, electric rice cooker heat preservation, tub, towel rack, pipes, antifreeze, window heating of tank, medical hairdressing equipment internal thread.


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