Laser PM2.5 detector B5 laser PM2.5 Sensor A4 Air quality tester

Air PM2.5 concentrationgrade, the interval range: in a wide range :0-6000ug/m³

50 anchor point for calibration
Quick response (<10 seconds)
Able to distinguish between cigarettes and other small particles and dust, pollen, dust, dander) such as large particles
Particle size of the minimum resolution is 0.3 microns
Anti-interference ability
 2.4 -inch LCD display
The standby time 3 hours
Long time storage Not more than half a year, achieve must charge once half a year
Precision (accuracy) is 98%
Consistency: + - 5%
MTBF. 5 years
The response time for 《10 seconds
The power supply voltage: 5.0V
The working current  680mA
Working temperature -10 - 50°C
Working humidity  80% RH
Storage temperature  -20 to 60°C
Measuring range: 0.3- 10(uM)
The range 0-6000 ug/m³

Resolution 1ug/m³  

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