0-2V 5000ppm CO2 Sensor/CD10 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Transmitter/4-20MA RS485 Dual Channel Detection Sensor

CD10 carbon dioxide transmitter uses dual-channel non-dispersive infrared gas detection technology detection principle, built-in temperature compensation function, with high sensitivity, oxygen-free gas dependence, long life, high precision, good stability, good repeatability, wide measuring range (CH4, H2S, SO2, N2, O2, etc.) and other characteristics. Can be widely used in meteorological, environmental, agriculture, aquaculture, greenhouse, laboratory, HVAC refrigeration control and other types of carbon dioxide concentration measurement of the occasion.
CD-10 sensor has the following features:

(1) dual-channel non-dispersive infrared gas detection technology, the sensor life of up to 10 years. Anti-water vapor interference, not poisoning.
(2) dual-channel measurement method, the effective elimination of changes in the external environment conditions on the impact of measurement.
(3) breathable structure to ensure rapid response to changes in concentration.
(4) high precision, fast response, good interchangeability, reliable performance.
(5) perfect protection circuit with a variety of signal input interface optional

Voltage output: 0-2V (static power consumption: 60mA 24VDC)
Current output: 4-20MA (static power consumption: 80mA 24VDC)
RS485 interface Modbus protocol (static power consumption: 60mA 24VDC)
Supply voltage: 12-30VDC
Carbon dioxide range: 0-5000ppm
Measurement principle and measurement method: Infrared dual channel carbon dioxide measurement
Warm-up time: 3 minutes
Response time: 90 seconds (90%)
Protection class: IP54
Operating environment:
Working temperature: -20 ~ 60C
Operating Humidity: 0-95% RH (no condensation)
Installation: Wall mounting (with wall mounting plate)
Wire length: 1M
Dimensions: 130 * 70 * 42mm
Infrared carbon dioxide measurement principle and advantages:
Infrared carbon dioxide sensor is the principle of infrared radiation emitted by infrared radiation radiation of carbon dioxide in the air, when the gas concentration changes, the carbon dioxide sensor to measure the infrared return wave will change.
Electrochemical gas sensor is the use of gas on the electrode electrochemical reaction (including oxidation and reduction), the detection of electrodes on the voltage or current to perceive the type and concentration of gas. Features are electrolytes (both liquid and solid) and electrolyte contact with the electrode.
Compared with the electrochemical principle, this infrared principle of carbon dioxide sensor, with temperature compensation, high reliability, and other gases will not produce cross-reactivity. Compared with electrochemical sensors, infrared sensors for up to 10 years of life, saving the carbon dioxide sensor aftermarket and maintenance costs.

Output: 4-20MA, 0-2V, RS485 Modbus

The default send is 0-2V
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